8 Channels Coin Cell Testing Board


Easy to use, the S4R-TB-ALC8 button cell battery tester will allow you to maintain and connect CR2016, CR2032, CR2325, and CR2450 button cells with any type of potentiostat. Supplied with alligator type (universal) or 4-pin bayonet type cables, the TB-ALC8 can be connected with most brands of potentiostats.

*  Compatible with Biologic potentiostats

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Coin cell Compatibly CR2032, CR2016, CR2325and CR2450
Channels 8
Cables – 4-pin (compatible with S4R analyzers)
– Alligator clamps (universal)
Dimensions 230 L x 80 W x 32H (mm)
Holder material Polypropylene