Electric Crimper for CR20XX Coin Cells

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Die Set & Compatibility·       110 - 240V AC (50/60Hz) NRTL certified power adapterfor worldwide use.

·       24V DC motor with reducing gear, 15W. The operation isvery safe without further certification.
Power·       Standard package includes one assembling die (made of hardened steel) for crimping CR2032 coin cells.

·       100 pcs cases are included in the package for immediate testing

·       Optional crimping and de-crimping die sets are available.
Product Dimensions & Weight·       Dimension: 220mm(L) x 130mm(W) x 430mm(H)

·       Net Weight: 25 kg

·       The crimper can be sent into glovebox via air lock chamber
Warranty·       One-year limited warranty with lifetime support (rusted and damaged parts due to improper storage condition or maintenance are not covered by warranty)
Maintenance Notes & Warnings·       Electrolytes are highly corrosive materials. The die set must be cleaned with alcohol after each use to avoid corrosion

·       The PTFE die (found at the top die) ejects the cell casing after crimping via spring loaded pressure. Do NOT overtighten the pressure adjustment knob to avoid damaging this PTFE die.

·       To set the proper presure on the die, loosen the knob all the way until the spring compression is no longerstressed. Then start tighteing the knob and stop turning it once the spring compresion is felt. This will prevent the PTFE to die from deformed by overpressure.

·       Please use S4R Brand Coin Cell Cases only with the crimper. We don't guarantee the crimping quality if other brand cells are used.